5 Tips to make your home ready for the market

“Making sure your home is prepared – both inside and out – before you put it on the market could help it sell faster and for top dollar.”

Here are five tips to get the best impression to the potential buyers:

  1. Move out your house: “Not literally, but act like you don’t live anymore. By removing all personal pictures and unclutter your closets and kitchen counters and cabinets, especially the cabinet under your kitchen sink, anything that has a door needs to be organized and clean and, if possible empty. Buyers tend to open all cabinets doors


  1. Light: Make sure all the light bulbs are working if possible, buy daylight bulbs clean the windows and keep the curtains open when a buyer is touring your home buyers always check the light switches as they enter a room.New technology kitchen equipment in modern house
  1. A new coat of paint: A fresh coat of paint is beneficial like a face-lift for your home, however, is not always feasible but if you can do it pick a neutral color even if you do not like itSide portrait of young african american woman painting wall at home
  1. Walk Around: your house and replace all broken, faded, or painted switch plates; also clean the scuff marks on the baseboards and on your title flooring. Do not use any spray to make the home smell better the day of the showing some people are sensitive to smells. It’s not only the inside of your home that needs to be kept clean of dirt and grime, but the outside of your home should also be just as fresh and manicure.Home inspection - magnifying glass inspector looking at kitchen house background.
  1. Take Pictures: walk around the home taking pictures of open cabinets and closets you surprise the stuff you missed, remember that is your house, and you are used to it, the buyer is seeing for the first time and will see everything.

Laura Solis Broker